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Storm Damage

Professional Storm Damage Services

We Will Cater to You and Your Storm Damage Concerns as Promptly as Possible

Removing trees or branches under normal circumstances is very dangerous to those who aren't experienced. Storm-damaged trees are much more hazardous and complex to remove safely. Please let our professional quick response team take care of it, so you can relax and enjoy life again. After storms, please keep in mind that there are likely plenty of customers experiencing the same disasters, so occasionally we must prioritize & take care of immediate dangers & disasters first, then return to finish the less tasking & dangerous portions of the project. You'll still be pleased with the cleanup work & the price. We are fully insured for your protection.

Your local expert arborist, Roy Graves, knows the proper procedures and intricate roping techniques to solve the delicate puzzle of removing trees safely. And in most cases, we don't need a costly truck or a crane to tackle excelled projects like many of our competitors. Therefore, we are able to further save you money and possible damage to your lawn caused by heavy equipment.

With over 25 years of experience, A+ Lumberjack Roy offers the trustworthy services and the honest, fair prices you will be expecting for your storm damage project. You are further assured, knowing we have the skills, experience, insurance, and a FREE estimate for you.

Call Your Local, Quick Response Experts for an Emergency Anytime

We are ready to assist you with fallen trees or branches on: 
  • Home or business 
  • Power lines, telephone pole 
  • Vehicle, pool, fence, tool shed, and other trees
  • Blocking street, driveway, garage or carport, and sidewalk
  • Encroachment on neighbor's property
Count on us to resolve any storm damage issue. Call us any time; we are happy to help you!

A Few Helpful Hints Before Potential Disaster Strikes

High winds and / or saturated soil can unexpectedly uproot trees. Especially shallow rooted trees like those pesky china berry trees. Consult with us if you have trees near any of your valued property.

Here in central Texas, we have suffered severe drought for plenty of years, which can cause stress areas on the trunk or limbs. Combining that with getting plenty of rainfall afterward, causes our trees to heavily bush out, adding heavy weight onto the stressed areas of the trees.

This needs to be assessed and addressed by a professional arborist. Especially if these trees with conditions are close to your home, business, or valued property. The main problematic trees we have tended to over the last few years are elms and pecans.

See our tree trimming and sculpting page for further advice, and a few tips on how to keep your property prepared. However, we can offer the best advice in person, so we can view your individual needs.
Storm Damage, San Marcos, Tx
Call 512-396-1830 for FREE estimates on our storm damage clearance.

25+ Years of Experience
Owner - Roy Graves
Fully insured for your protection
We also offer professional assessment and services to minimize many tree disasters ahead of time. Best to call now for a FREE assessment and estimate. If not ready for service now, please view storm damage info here, then see a bit of advice on our tree trimming page.
Storm Damage
Historical San Antonio St.,
San Marcos, Tx
Storm Damage San Antonio St. TX
Storm Damage, San Marcos, Tx
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